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 Hugh de Payen

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Hugh de Payen

Founder Knight of the Templars.

Hugh was a powerful knight from Payens (8km N Troyes) and vassal of Hugh, Count of Champagne. Hugh took the Cross on the death of his wife. He most probably went on Crusade with Count Hugh (1104) and being not only a vassal of the Count but was closely associated with him on a personal level.

Hugh was back in Champagne (1113). Here his life becomes rather shadowy - he was rumoured to have returned to the Holy Land (1116).

Specifically, Hugh was credited with being the original founded of the Order of the Knights Templar or Poor Knights with nine others (1118 - 1119). He received recognition from the King of Jerusalem for the creation of the Order.

Hugh left Jerusalem for west on recruitment mission (1126). He sought aid from and recieved the patronage of St. Bernard. Hugh remained in Europe for approximately 18 months in Europe.

The Council of Troyes led by St.Bernard (1128) established Rule of Order which were approved by the Pope.

Courtly Lives - The Knights Templar

"For my part, I adhere to the maxim of antiquity: The throne is a glorious sepulchre."
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Hugh de Payen
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