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 John Dudley

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John Dudley

Earl of Warwick; Duke of Northumberland.

John began political career under King Henry VIII where he received the following appointments:
* Warden of the Scottish Marches (1542)
* Admiral (1543 - 1550)
* Earl (1547).

Following the death of King Henry VIII and the accession of the minor, Edward VI, John Dudley was appointment to the Regency Council and was virtual ruler of England on behalf of King Edward VI (1550 - 1553).

As a member of Edward's Privy Council, Dudley was created Duke (1551). Through his position of influence, Dudley ordered Somerset's imprisonment and execution. He was responsible for the termination of England's unsuccessful wars against France and Scotland.

By trying to influence the succession, Dudley was responsible not only for his own but also his son's and Lady Jane Grey's downfall. The end result being that all were executed for treason by Queen Mary I. Dudley is buried in royal chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula on Tower Hill.

"For my part, I adhere to the maxim of antiquity: The throne is a glorious sepulchre."
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John Dudley
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