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 Succession - Primogeniture

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Succession - Primogeniture Empty
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Succession - Primogeniture

Simply - that succession and inheritance descends upon the first born. In it's most simplest form, this can mean either a male of female heir.

However, there are a number of forms of Primogeniture.

1. Agnatic primogeniture or patrilineal primogeniture:
Whereby succession is through the eldest male heir only.

2. Male-preference (or feudal) primogeniture:
Whereby succession is through the eldest surviving male heir, although females may inherit providing the eldest male heir has no surviving sons.

3. Absolute, equal or lineal primogeniture:
Whereby succession is through the eldest heir, regardless of sex.

4. Matrilineal primogeniture:
Whereby successions is through the female line only.

Further Reading:
"From Heaven to Earth: The Reordering of Castilian Society 1150 - 1350" by Teofilo F Ruiz (Princeton University Press, 2004)

"Law, Land and Family: Aristocratic Inheritance in England 1300 - 1800" by Eileen Spring (University of North Carolina Press, 1997)

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Succession - Primogeniture
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