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 Abbot Fulchered

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First Abbot of Shrewsbury Abbey (1087).

The Benedictine Abbey was originally built by Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Shrewsbury (1083) and placed under the guidance of two monks from Seez. Monastic life began four years later.

Fulchered came from Seez Abbey in Normandy and was appointed by King William I of England. Fulchered was said to have prophecised the death of King William II of England. He was succeeded by Abbot Godefrid.

Roger de Montgomery himself took the vows in his Abbey (1094), three days before his death.

A Short History of Shrewsbury Abbey:
The Abbey flourished in the 12th Century. The Abbots became some of the most important ecclesiastical figures in the County. Often they were dragged unwillingly into the political dramas of their day and thus they became adept in diplomacy and administration. From the 13th century, the Abbots were members of Parliament.

Parliament was mobile and often sat in important town or administrative centres. When King Edward I of England was campaigning against the Welsh, Parliament sat at Shrewsbury Abbey (1283), and included the first sitting of the House of Commons. At this time, the last native Prince of Wales, Dafyyd ap Gruffyydd (David II) was condemned to death for treason. Richard II of England summoned his Great parliament at the Abbey (1398).

The Abbey was renown for its scholars, and one 15th Century Abbot was Chancellor of Oxford.

However, the Abbey lacked for one thing - the relics of a patron saint. An expedition was led into Wales (1138) to obtain the relics of St. Gwenfrewi (also known as St. Winifred) which were enshrined behind the high altar.

The History of Shrewsbury Abbey in Shropshire - David Nash Ford

"For my part, I adhere to the maxim of antiquity: The throne is a glorious sepulchre."
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Abbot Fulchered
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