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 Carlo Malatesta

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Carlo Malatesta
Lord of Rimini

Carlo was the son of Galeotto Malatesta; the grandson of Malatesta de Verucchio; brother of Pandolfo Malatesta; and nephew to one Malatesta.

Carlo and his brother Pandolfo succeeded to power in Rimini and co-operated in ruling.

Carlo himself was renown as a Condottieri - though not always a successful one as he was twice taken prisoner. He was, though, a widely respected statesman and diplomat, though by his foes, considered crafty and untrustworthy. He was quite learned - he wrote Latin, spoke French and Italian; and was learned in Theology. His grave and austere manner earned him the title of "Marcus Cato" by his subjects.

Carlo served as unofficial Regent in Mantua for his nephew Gianfrancesco Gonzaga (c.1407) - at this time, shocked by the reverence the Mantuans showed for the Statue of the Virgin, he had it thrown into the river in a fit of fury. As a result, he was branded a "barbarian".

Carlo died aged 65yo (1429) - he left no sons. The sons of his brother Pandolfo carried on the succession in Rimini, including the pious Galeotto Roberto.

"For my part, I adhere to the maxim of antiquity: The throne is a glorious sepulchre."
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Carlo Malatesta
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