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 Nominoe of Vannes

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Initially, Nominoe was a vassal of Louis I "the Pious", King of the Franks and Emperor (third son of Charlemagne). Upon his death (840), Louis was succeeded by his son, Charles II "the Bald", King of France and Emperor (d.877).

Apparently, the relationship between Nominoe and Charles was far from amicable. Nominoe rebelled against Charles, and established Brittany as an independent kingdom (22/11/845). Following his defeat in battle, Charles recognised Nominoe as an independent monarch (846).

Under Nominoe, the Breton Church was reorganized - the archdiocese was removed from the jurisdiction of Tours, and re-established at Dol. In this manner, the Breton Church was self-governing and attended to the specific needs of the Breton people.

Further lands were seized and added to Nominoe's Brittany; these included Rennes, Nantes, Maine and Anjou.

Nominoe died (851) and was succeeded by his son Erispoe (r.851 - 857) and then nephew Salaun (r.857 - 874).

"For my part, I adhere to the maxim of antiquity: The throne is a glorious sepulchre."
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Nominoe of Vannes
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