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 City of Tripoli

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City of Tripoli Empty
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Crusader Cities

Tripoli (Trablous):
Town and County held by Raymond II located 86km north of Beirut.

Raymond II made concessions to Hospitallers (1144) - included 5 castles and 2 towns which made up key element in county’s eastern defences; Templars took over northern fortresses (1136 - 1137). Order granted lands, castles, and towns in county (1150s).

Counts Raymond II and Raymond III ceded privileges to both Templars and Hospitallers (1140s - 1180s) - both Orders dominated large tracts of territory east to west. Saladin invaded county (summer 1180) - Raymond III negotiates truce with Saladin for Tripoli and Galilee (1186 - 1187). County survived defeat at Hattin (July 1187). Despite Hattin (1187) and losses to Saladin (1188) both Orders maintained lands and castles in northern county.

al-Adil, Saif-ad-Din, Sultan of Egypt and Syria raids county of Tripoli (1201 - 1202). All castles held by Orders in county forbidden to refortify or improve defences by order of Emperor Frederick II (1228). Great enclaves of both Orders fell to Baybars (1271) and in Galilee (1271- 1272). Civil war in County (1277 - 1282) - involved Bohemond VII of Antioch, Bishops of Tortosa and Tripoli and Templars.

Kalarun, Mameluke Sultan of Egypt and Syria moved against Tripoli (February 1289) - city fell (April 1289) - city held by Mamelukes (1300 - 1302).

Remains: St Giles Citadel (Qal’at Sinjil) - near river, overlooking city; built by Raymond of St. Giles (1103-1104) and altered many times; built of basalt and limestone; vaulted rooms; iron gates; old castle razed by Mamelukes. Old city built around base of citadel.

"For my part, I adhere to the maxim of antiquity: The throne is a glorious sepulchre."
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City of Tripoli
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