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 Saint Wulfstan

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St. Wulfstan
(c.1010 - 1095)
Bishop of Worcester.

Wulfstan was the nephew of Wulfstan, Archbishop of York (d.1023). He was able to study at the monasteries of Evesham and Peterborough through the influence of his uncle. Following his studies, Wulfstan was appointed Clerk at Worcester.

Wulfstan's dedication for piety and chastity were noted and his superiors urged him to take his vows and become a priest. Wulfstan was thus Ordained (c.1038) and joined the Benedictines at Worcester.

Wulfstan served the monastery, first as Treasurer and then as Prior before being appointed Bishop of Worcester (1062). Wulfstan maintained his position as Bishop at the time of the Norman Conquest of Britain (1066). He was involved in putting down a rebellion against King William led by the noble Earls of Norfolk and Hereford.

During his lifetime, Wulfstan was responsible for the rebuilding projects undertaken at Worcester Cathedral and other monastic institutions in the area.

Wulfstan died (c.1095) and was buried at Worcester Cathedral. He was canonised by Pope Innocent III (1203).

"For my part, I adhere to the maxim of antiquity: The throne is a glorious sepulchre."
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Saint Wulfstan
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