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 Katherine Parr

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Katherine Parr
(c.1512 - 1548)

Sixth Queen of Henry VIII of England.

Katherine was twice widowed - both men elderly and left her considerable fortunes. She was on the verge of contemplating a third marriage to Thomas Seymour (brother of Jane Seymour) when King Henry VIII of England declared himself. Katherine reputedly told Henry she'd rather be his mistress than his wife.

Katherine married (aged 30) Henry (aged 52) in chapel at Hampton Court (1543). There were no children from any of her previous marriages and there would be none with Henry VIII.

Katherine was a devotee of the "new religion" - Protestantism - and her learning and teaching saw her nearly sent to Tower as heretic. She managed to keep her head.

Following the death of King Henry VIII, Katherine finally married Thomas Seymour (1547). There was a scandal involving Thomas Seymour and the Princess Elizabeth, who was residing in Katherine's household at the time, and Elizabeth was removed.

Katherine died in childbirth.

"For my part, I adhere to the maxim of antiquity: The throne is a glorious sepulchre."
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Katherine Parr

Born c.1512 - eldest child of powerful northern magnate Sir Thomas Parr of Kendal in Cumberland, who was knighted at Henry VIII’s coronation (1509) and fought French (1513). Her mother had been lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon.

Married at 15yo to Edward, Lord Borough of Gainsborough who suffered from a ‘distracted memory”. Widowed (1529) with no issue.

Married (1532) rich widower John Neville, Baron Latimer of Snape Castle - he aged 42yo, twice married with two children. Husband taken hostage by ringleaders of Pilgrimage of Grace rebellion (1536) and became spokesperson at Council in London - changed sides - rescued Katherine and step-children from rebels at Snape. Pardoned due to support of Duke of Norfolk.

Frequently at court. Sister Anne married William Herbert, confidant of Henry VIII and gentleman of the Privy Chamber. Latimer died (December 1542) of illness, probably in London. Henry VIII pays court (March 1543) though she insisted on a decent mourning period.

Brother William longtime favourite of Henry VIII. Would have known Henry VIII prior to marriage.

Shown as dignified and graceful; pale complexion; auburn hair;’ slim; spoke fluent French and Italian; loved music, dancing, jewels, and expensive clothes; pious.

Henry VIII used cash and gifts to woo her; honours and appointments to brother William, Baron Parr of Kendal - member of Privy Council, Knight of the garter and Warden of the Scottish Marches. Early suitor was Thomas Seymour, brother of Queen Jane Seymour - Henry VIII arranged for diplomatic appointments on the Continent.

Married 12th July 1543 in the Queen’s Privy Closet at Hampton Court - small wedding. Substantial personal household. Took interest in welfare of Henry VIII’s children. Regent (July 1544) of England when Henry VIII absent in France - competent administrator who had some military knowledge and was an adept diplomat - regent for 1-2 years. Survived plot to burn her as a heretic (1545).

Death of Henry VIII (January 1547) - not Regent - protested to no avail. Accepted proposal from Thomas Seymour, Lord High Admiral (March 1547). Pregnant aged 35yo - retired to manor of Hanworth (June 1548). Birth of daughter Mary 30th August 1548.

Died of fever 5th September 1548 - daughter probably died before aged 2yo. Buried in Chapel of St.Mary, Sudeley Castle.
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Katherine Parr
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