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 Bourbon Dynasty

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Bourbon Dynasty

The Bourbon Dynasty was founded when Robert of Clermont (1256 - 1317), 6th son of King Louis XI of France, married the heiress to the Lordship of Bourbon. Robert's son Louis I (1279 - 1341) was 1st Duke. The title the passed to the Montpensier branch of family (1503).

Then, the title passed to the line of Marche-Vendome (1527). Antoine de Bourbon (1518 - 1562) duc de Vendome became King Consort of Navarre, while his brother Louis (1530 - 1569) was made Prince of Conde.

On death of last Valois king (1589), Antoine's son Henry became King of France (r.1589 - 1610). Henry's heirs ruled France continually till 1792: Louis XIII (r.1610 - 1643), Louis XIV (r.1643 - 1715), Louis XV (r.1715 - 1774), Louis XVI (r.1774 - 1792) - overthrown during French revolution, and Louis XVII (titular king 1793 - 1795) died without reigning; Louis XVI's brothers, Louis XVIII (r.1814 - 1824) and Charles X (r.1824 - 1830) ruled after Bourbon restoration.

The last Bourbon King of France, Louis-Philippe (r.1830 - 1848) was member of cadet Orleans branch. Louis XIV's second grandson was Philip V (r.1700 - 1746) of Spain, thus instigating the War of Spanish Succession - his successors have held Spanish throne ever since, except for the republican period (1931 - 1975).

"For my part, I adhere to the maxim of antiquity: The throne is a glorious sepulchre."
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Bourbon Dynasty
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